Photo a Day: 30th January

Hasn’t food shopping become expensive?  I didn’t do a particularly large shop this morning, small trolley full as opposed to large trolley and I still managed to spend almost £75.  Just think how wealthy we would all be if we didn’t have to eat.

8 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 30th January

  1. nice collection of healthy food there 🙂

    lol @ sian… you are forgetting the other 6″ creatures that move into your house once you have a collection of teens to eat you literally out of house and home 😀


  2. I just had a look at a currency converter to see what our equivalent would be … groceries are dearer here … it costs nearly three times that to feed my crew for the week! And, Sian is right, I only have an eight year old but he eats as much as his father in the evening … yegads!


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