Photo a Day: 28th January

What’s the length of too short a haircut?  About 7-10 days, I reckon.  I have a lovely hairdresser, but he does like to chat.
Chat, chat, snip, snip, what do you think, snip, snip, did you read about, snip, snip, did you see, snip, snip, did you hear about, snip, snip.
And before you know it, your hair is shorter than you’d planned on having.

This leaves you with two options:
1) blast hair from underneath with a hair dryer, slap on styling product and smile.
2) wear a hat.

10 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 28th January

  1. Cute! I like it, Ruth! :o) I almost need something that short as styling my hair with only one arm has been a real challenge over the past 6 weeks.

    About the time you get used to it, it will all be grown back in!


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