Blog Review: 2011

454 posts this year.  41,268 page views in the life of this blog.  119 followers, plus a handful of others who regularly comment but don’t actively follow me.  This blog had its ups and downs, but overall, it wasn’t a bad blogging year at all.
Successfully completed were:

  • Yesterday & Today by Ali Edwards for BPC.  Totally loved this class.
  • Design Your Life by Cathy Zielske for BPC
  • The MotherLOAD by Lain Ehmann for BPC
  • One Little Word by Ali Edwards for BPC
  • Project Life began on April 1st and is up-to-date and on-going

The Wit or Wisdom series faded slightly as we moved into Autumn; mainly because I no longer walk past the cafe on a daily basis.  52 Photos in Black & White was a fun series to do.

 { Self-portrait from 31 December 2010 }
In 2012, I have plans for attempting the following:
  • One Little Word again.  Our new word is ‘enjoy‘; not because we want to be frivolous with our lives, but because we want us to grasp every opportunity, good or bad, that comes our way this year.
  • Me: The Abridged Version ~ see foundation pages here.
  • Family History album ~ a 12×12 album, with layouts about particular stories that need recording and divided page protectors for those photos that are neither one thing nor the other, yet still need to have a place in the family archive.  This will be a work in progress.
  • Project Life will continue, but will not be blogged, unless something newsworthy happens. 
  • Classes coming up include: Round Up Your Memories by Katie Nelson for BPC; Miss Smith’s Just One Sketch and Ten Tips for Better Type by Cathy Zielske for BPC.
  • After a year off, I plan to be back with Photo A Day.
  • An explosion of Happy Mail.  I haven’t quite worked out how this will work, but the bottom line will be fairly simple ~ send me an email in response to a Happy Mail post and you could receive a wee surprise by Royal Mail.
  • My Months in Numbers ~ inspired by Sian and originally seen over at Julie’s place.   
{ Self-portrait from 31 December 2011 } 
The boys in the family wish to have new nomenclatures in 2012:  DS will now be known as The Boy Child or TBC for short.  This may well change again in the future, as The Boy Child gets older.  DH will now be known as The Brainy One (he can’t be The Doctor because Mel is already using that one). 
All that remains is for me to wish you all a very Happy New Year.
2012.  Twenty twelve.  I’m ready.

10 thoughts on “Blog Review: 2011

  1. Definitely a productive year, Ruth. I am always amazed by those of you that end with more posts than days in the year when I can't come close to 365. New names are necessary once in awhile, this year Baby Boy at 19 became the Pirate (but he's still my Baby Boy!)


  2. So impressed with the numbers! So not going there myself LOL.
    The name changes are dead good, I asked Mr M about changing his and he said no he has “grown accustomed to it”
    Happy new year to you


  3. Fun to see the numbers – I've never looked. Congratulations on finishing the classes, that is something I tend to fall down on – I get them mostly done then life gets in the way. Hence my word for this year focus 🙂


  4. You were very busy this past year and it looks as though you will have lots to keep you blogging in the new year too 🙂 I worked on Y&T this past fall but did not finish it – I did enjoy what lessons I managed to complete. I'm taking Cathy's Type class too and as you know, I'm really looking forward to Project Life 🙂 I like the idea of this type of post for a review!


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