December Daily: The 7th

The day when Elvis entered the building …

“Elvis, the Elf on the Shelf came to live with us today.  He will stay until Christmas Eve.  Elvis is a Scout Elf sent by Santa to report back nightly on the behaviour of those living under this roof.  He cannot be touched because his magical abilities will disappear and each morning, when he returns from his chat with Santa, he finds a new place to sit and observe for the day.”
Cue the opportunity for a hinged flap.

So kind of Santa to find the time to send a note along with Elvis …

He even included an Elf Adoption Certificate, but I’m including that in Project Life.
I’m planning on including a photo of Elvis in his new observation post with each forthcoming December Daily post.  He’ll also be the star of this month’s 4×6 Photo Love.

6 thoughts on “December Daily: The 7th

  1. I love the Elf on the Shelf and would be interested to know how one goes about adopting one. I think this is something Alice would really enjoy in years to come! 🙂 xx


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