Project Life: Weeks 32 & 33

Week 32: The week with Happy Mail for me and The Boy Child, a look at the menu for school lunches and a gift of hooky magic.

The week where I made a card about my Great Uncle for The Boy Child’s Remembrance Assembly (and is about to star in the next school news letter, apparently), our first Parents’ Meeting at school, an invitation to the Field of Remembrance, dancing to ABBA and daily leaf sweeping. 

The week with fantastic Happy Mail for The Boy Child and an unexpected trip to the vet for Max.

Week 33:  The week with a Remembrance Assembly at school, a big shop at the supermarket, disturbed nights caught up with The Boy Child, and The Boy Child is making friends at school.

The week when I had lunch with my mum ~ a rare treat, DS showed interest in the keyboard in DH’s office (now moved to the playroom), a visit to the Field of Remembrance and DS lost his trousers on the walk home (he managed to spill milk over himself at school and had to borrow a pair of trousers age7-8).

4 thoughts on “Project Life: Weeks 32 & 33

  1. I am always so impressed to see your Project Life pages, Ruth. And I love that you included the sweet photo of your DS with his pants around his ankles. LOL

    I don't know about London, but here in the US the “fashion” is for some boys to wear their pants so low that their underwear shows. I wonder sometimes HOW they keep their pants from constantly falling down.

    Anyway! Great pages! xo


  2. I love seeing how you year is going and – at the risk of saying something you've probably heard loads of times before – don't you and your Mum look alike! You clearly have a lovely relationship – I hope my daughter will see lunch with me in the years to come as a treat too. 🙂


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