Half Term Holidays

DS has completed his first half-term of full time school ~ he has been a school boy for six weeks and three days.  He now has two weeks off; two weeks for the pair of us to kick back and relax a little.  With that in mind, he and I are now at Granny’s house and will be for a whole week.  There’ll be bus rides aplenty.  There’ll be a visit to a brand new museum that is newly opened in a nearby city.  There’ll be visits galore to family and friends.  There’ll be a visit to an aquarium.  There will hopefully be time to catch up with this lady.

~ waiting for Mummy to get the coffee from Starbucks, Warwick Services ~
It’s going to be great.

4 thoughts on “Half Term Holidays

  1. Time goes so quickly. My granddaughter started school at the same time as DS & it's hard to believe it is already half term. Have a wonderful week away, and with Mel.


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