Happy Mail

Happy Mail.  We all like to receive post that doesn’t come in a brown envelope or have a window in it, don’t we?  Thing is, as much as I love receiving Happy Mail, I actually get a bigger kick out of sending it.

This morning, in between waving DH off to work (proper client-facing work, as opposed to working from home), taking DS to school (French this morning and PE this afternoon), walking the dog and sorting through five loads of laundry, I sat down at the kitchen table, armed with a cuppa and a Custard Cream to help the thought process, and wrote six cards/postcards to send off around the world.  England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Eastern seaboard of the US and Australia ~ gotta love the Royal Mail.
And I wrapped an (early) birthday present for mum, as I’m seeing her next week.
Now it’s back to the remaining chores and lunch …

14 thoughts on “Happy Mail

  1. No matter how good emails and texts are at making contact with people, there's still nothing quite like a letter or package in the post to make you smile!


  2. I agree, you are certainly an expert in sending fantastic Mail Ruth!
    Don't you think it is amazing that our young people are off with such a great school itinery? I giggle to myself when the young lass here pronounces what she has done or what 'subjects' she will take during the day!


  3. I love your mentality, Ruth, you must be a delightful person to meet. I absolutely agree with you. Giving is much more fun and rewarding than receiving. xxx


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