One Little Word: August & September

I’ve been quietly keeping on top of my OLW and remembering to write things down as I think of them.  My thoughts for September were actually written while waiting for a train recently.
August was to update the self-portrait I’d taken in January, and you know how I hate those …

September was to revisit thoughts from May and then to give some thought to battles: battles I’m choosing to fight and battles I’m choosing to let go of, or put on the back burner.

October is a photographic one again, similar to February.  Capturing my word with my camera.  And so far under the category of making October better, I have little people in the paddling pool on the 1st, Harvest Festival on the 7th, weekend crop with my BF over 7th-9th and the visit to the V&A on the 13th.

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