The Power Of Making At The V&A

You may have heard about this exhibition at the V&A from Shimelle’s blog back in early September.

Some judicious planning from me this week enabled me to find a free morning to hot-foot it up town.  Despite being full of noisy youngsters with worksheets, it was well worth a visit.  However, no photography was allowed, so you’ll have to check out Shimelle’s post for the details.  I have presumed that as Shimelle went to a preview, no camera restrictions were in force then.  Lucky girl.
I always forget that within 30 minutes of entering the V&A, the forced-air environment gives me a terrible headache.  Which probably explains why I don’t go that often.
Stopping for a cuppa in a vaulted space like this helps …

 … as does the opportunity to break up the sensory overload by stepping out in to this …

I plan to revisit this exhibition before it closes at the end of January; I’m sure there’s loads that I missed.

4 thoughts on “The Power Of Making At The V&A

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your morning despite the headache. Love the photos – don't know if I'll get a chance to visit this one or not, will have to see if I can make a plan 😉


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