The MotherLOAD Marathon: Days 20 & 21

Day 20 was to scrap emotion.  I could have gone with a rehash of this, but instead, I chose this …

… not your obvious shot of emotion, I know.  But when I look at this photo I see contentment and patience from DS and I remember the thankfulness I felt while standing in a supermarket queue.  The design is based on this …

 … Shimelle’s current starting point challenge.
Day 21 was to use a shaped photo.  Ah, those heady days back when I was new to the idea of scrapbooking and ‘advice’ suggested cropping perfectly good photos into daft shapes …

6 thoughts on “The MotherLOAD Marathon: Days 20 & 21

  1. I think we have all done! Cutting pictures into cute shapes I mean..
    Sitting down on the supermarket floor with a good book – now that's something I've always wanted to do! Much better fun than food shopping


  2. Sian I so agree! If only they would sell my kind of book in the supermarket… Maybe I should read Thomas the Tank Engine too – it's been a few years since I last did.

    Ruth, these are both lovely pages. I like your take on Shimelle's starting point – and the photo and story are just great.
    The Chrysler Building page is suitably impressive -and I love your touch of humour, with the little green apple-spotted paper!
    And oh yes, those shaped photos…


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