4×6 Photo Love: Eight

This month … eight.  Yes, that’s correct, eight 6×4 photos on a 12×12 layout.  All very clever, but actually much simpler to produce than expected.  However, the doctoring of a page protector to allow the flap to be lifted is another matter …

The title refers to Adele talking about how chuffed she was last week when she heard that her album 21 had just passed the 10,000,000 album sales mark.  Erm, Adele, make that 10,000,000 and one, because yours truly has just ordered a copy.
The patterned paper is by PaperTrunk’s range 1974 and I thought it perfect for these dark photos.  Plus, Adele comes across as a funky kind of rock chick!

5 thoughts on “4×6 Photo Love: Eight

  1. It's great that you had such a good time at the concert. Now I am going off to find some Adele videos on YouTube….

    That's a clever way to scrap lots of photos, yet still keep the 6×4 inch format. Love the biiiig circles on the patterned paper – and you're right that the lighter colours go well with the concert photos. Cool page Ruth!


  2. I am more than impressed that you have managed so many photos on the page. My LSS used to run classes with pages very similar to this one, well, the idea of slitting page protectors to make mini booklets .. how does it sit in the album? Does it add a lot of extra bulk?


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