Blog Your Heart, A Response

Yesterday, Stephanie Howell blogged about being more open in blog posts, sharing more of the difficult stuff of our lives.  Something I think she was inspired to do by this post from Ali Edwards.  And I’ve been thinking about both posts since last night.
How to find a happy medium?  This is my blog.  It should be what I want it to be.  Tales of motherhood and the trials that it brings.  Stuff about scrapbooking, layouts, projects.  Those that are pretty good, those that fall below par and those that are somewhere in between.
It’s all about balance.
And in response to Stephanie, here’s what’s been in my heart this last week.
The Boy Child has started full-time school.  He’s only 4 years and 8 months old.  How will he manage?  How will I?

 ~ DS saying goodbye to Mrs H.  Love that his shirt is hanging out ~
But you know what?  I am now more than certain that we chose the right school for The Boy Child.  The Headteacher is at the gate every morning and greets each and every child by name.  Mrs H is so motherly to her charges that I’m sure they are all in love with her.
Example: 06.37 this morning.  DS comes into our bedroom and the first words out of his mouth are, “Can I go to school and see Mrs H?
The Boy Child is proud that he looks so smart, that he has a school bag, he knows that I will always be there to collect him at the end of the school day.  The transition for him appears to have been smoother than for me.
But my heart is glad.  He’s in the right place, a place where differences are encouraged and not stifled, a place where respect is shown for each other and the surrounding environment, a place where The Boy Child is happy to go and reluctant to leave.
We can’t ask more than that.

9 thoughts on “Blog Your Heart, A Response

  1. Good post. I'm in a similar place. M (4 years and 3 months) will be fulltime next week. She is loving it, and I have a full working week which allows me to pick her up almost every day. What to be sad about? I know how quickly she will stop being my little girl now.


  2. A happy schoolboy means a happy mum! I'm so pleased he's settled. It's such a huge step for them and you must be so relieved that he is keen to go to school. Long may it last!


  3. So pleased he's settled well, he certainly looks very smart in his uniform. All mum's dread the first few weeks of their kids starting school. My eldest started playgroup last thursday and is doing just fine, but it doesn't stop you from worrying!


  4. I'm so pleased to hear that DS has settled well…it's good for you as well as for him! His HT sounds wonderful- the education world need more people like that!
    Am off before I climb onto my soapbox
    Alison xx


  5. I'm so glad he's settled in so quickly. Now you can stop worrying and start to do things you want to, happy in the knowledge that he is safe and happy at school. It all goes by too quickly and the next thing you know they are having fisty cuffs in the park!!!


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