Storytelling Sunday

It’s the 1st Sunday of September and that means it’s Storytelling Sunday, hosted as always by the lovely Sian.  My story this month was one that I remembered after reading some of the comments left in relation to this post.
In the summer of 1993, I went on my 1st trans-Atlantic holiday to the USA with my cousin L.  We went to Boston, as we had relatives there who had kindly offered to put us up for three weeks.  The son of the family turned 18 while we were there (I was 25, L was 23) and his birthday treat was a day at Riverside Water Park in Springfield, Massachusetts.
To be honest, I’m not that much of a fan of large amusement parks, as I tend to be overwhelmed by them.  Not to mention half scared to death!  My cousin, however, was keen to try out everything, and I mean everything.
“I want to go on that,” she said, pointing …

… I’m pretty certain that I gulped audibly.
“You must be joking, that’s the biggest roller-coaster I’ve ever seen!”
“Yeah,” she smiled, “Brilliant, isn’t it?”
This is the part of the story where I point out that my cousin has a heart condition and has never, ever been allowed on roller-coasters in her life.
So we join the queue and when we get to the sign where it warns about pace makers, heart conditions and the like, I ask her again if she’s sure.
“Oh, yes!” she cries.
“Erm, L.  What happens if something happens to you?  Your mum won’t like it at all.”  (Something of an understatement, wouldn’t you say?)
“Oh, don’t worry.  If I die because I’ve gone on this thing, at least I’ll have ridden a roller-coaster.  And I won’t have to worry about mum, because I won’t be here.  You’re the one who will have to face the music for allowing me to go on the thing in the first place!”
And with that, we hopped aboard and experienced the biggest adrenaline rush of our lives!

~ Fashion Queens, 1993 style ~
And in case you were wondering, my cousin is now a 40-something, happily married mother-of-two.  I’ve never asked her if she’s been on any more frighteningly large roller-coasters since then.
Pop over to Sian‘s for more stories that will amuse, astound and delight.

17 thoughts on “Storytelling Sunday

  1. Gosh that's soooo brave. the very thought of going on a roller coaster just scares me. I did the log flume at Alton Towers and that was bad enough and that doesn't go fast!


  2. 'Your mum won't like it' has to be the greatest understatement of all time! I'm so pleased that you both survived the rollercoaster to tell the tale – I wouldn't have been keen to go on it either!


  3. lol! You are all trying to put the wind up me today – I've just come from deb and her story of a missing lifejacket. That was scary too!

    What a great story about taking a chance and jsut going for it! You have got me thinking about my exchange trip to Grafton Mass when I was 17. There must be a story or two there..

    Thanks Ruth for reminding me and for your story today


  4. I would have been the one saying “let's ride that” too! So glad y'all enjoyed it. My Daddy always had to ride with me because no one else in the family would get on the big roller coasters!


  5. You wouldn't have got me on that at 17, although as I've got older I've come to love scary rides – the bigger and the faster the better! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂


  6. The question is, have you been on any roller coasters since then or did that single experience cure you? (BTW, I'm of the persuasion that one roller coaster ride is all a single person really needs anyway!)


  7. Oh my, another thing (Ive just come from Debs)I couldn't put a foot near. How very brave you were, to ride the thing and to have the thought of explaining to your aunt if anything went wrong!!!


  8. I like your cousin's style – good for her! I thought I didn't like roller coasters until had to ride a few or disappoint No.2 Son who needed someone to accompany him – we had a blast RE-riding things as once I'd survived once on a ride I was perfectly happy to go again!


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