Lunch In Chelsea

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to be invited to lunch at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.  As previously mentioned on this blog, Chelsea is the home to the Chelsea Pensioners and is where a good friend of ours lives.  He also just happens to be the current head tour guide.

 ~ Lunch in the Great Hall ~
 ~ DS with a mini Chelsea Pensioner ~
 ~ Our friend in his beautiful allotment ~
 ~ Chapel in the new Infirmary ~
~ Sir Christopher Wren’s original Chapel ~
Our friend always says that he gets a lot out of knowing us, including honorary Grandad status, but we reckon we benefit enormously from knowing such an amazing man.

8 thoughts on “Lunch In Chelsea

  1. I hope you all had a good day. Your DN was just saying he should write to his Chelsea Pensioner!! I love the way they have made the new chapel in keeping with the rest of the of the building. xx


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