SAG Challenge #7

The latest challenge on the SAG blog has been set by by my pal Amy.  She wants to know if you record current affairs/happenings in your albums.  I admit that this isn’t something I do much of, but I did record the Royal Wedding earlier this year and also when Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States.

Unusually, I’ve left the name of my suburb visible ~ Ealing.  The journaling is a rehash of this blog post.  The building that is on fire was a convenience store with flats above.  We know the lady who owns the store ~ she is very lovely and always so kind to DS.  It makes me so angry that this has happened, both to her and our community.
But just like Londoners did in the Blitz, we’ve picked ourselves up and carried on. A metaphorical two fingers up to those who committed these hideous acts of violence.

Do your worst.

The wonderful, multi-cultural, beautiful city that is London is still here.
We are still here.
We are Londoners.

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