One From That List Of Five

Back at the end of May, Amy asked what five things wouldn’t be in or around your house in five years.  In at #4 on my list was our bedroom wallpaper …

Last week, the decorator finished our bedroom (and the en-suite and family bathroom as an added bonus) and this is what our bedroom looks like now …
I took about a dozen shots in an attempt to get the colour of the walls to show up, but failed miserably.  You’ll just have to accept that my word when I say that the walls are now covered in an embossed leaf-and-vine pattern paper, which was then painted blossom white.  I added new lamps, curtains, cushions and photo frames to complete the overhaul. 
And in actuality, this post should be titled two from that list of five because #1 was sorted out by DH in early June.

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