Fun At The {Fun}Fair

 ~ Hooray for height restrictions ~
 ~ Dodgem delight ~
 ~ something of a squeeze to get the safety rail closed ~

8 thoughts on “Fun At The {Fun}Fair

  1. Great set of photos – it looks as if you all had good fun. We were at Hunstanton (North Norfolk coast) on Tuesday, along with my nieces, their OH's and their babies. The “grown-ups” all went on the bumper-cars, along with DS who's big enough for his own car now (!). I was the baby-minder though – no bumps for me any more. But the nearly-three-year-old was not impressed to be left out. I managed a good reward offer, to secure cooperation – she got a ride on the Disney Princess tea cup ride, if she would stay with me and “help” me look after the babies. Her little cousin's crips helped out too…
    We didn't find any mini rollercoasters to ride one though – I might have tried that one!


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