An Adventure Just For Mummy

Early this morning (well, reasonably early: 09.15) DH left with DS to visit the Didcot Railway Centre for a steam day.  They were collecting Grandad on the way.  A true boys-own-adventure!  I can only hope that DH remembers to take a photo or two …
So that left me here, wondering what to do.  Walk the pooch – tick, make the beds – tick, put the washing machine on – tick …
What next?  Ta-dah!  Something of a light bulb moment – take yourself off to have lunch out.  So I did.
I had a Mozzarella and Tomato pannini, a strawberry yoghurt with granola and a skinny gingerbread latte.  And the best thing was that it didn’t cost me a penny, because I used my loyalty card points to ‘pay’ for it.  Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

See my reading material?  World War II Re-Enactors magazine is not something that crops up on my reading radar.  However, on page 59 of the current issue (#13) you will find a whole page profile about my brother and his Retro Air photography work.  Pretty amazing.  (Bruv, I think you need to update your blog!)  And I think Sian might enjoy the short article about wartime knitting on page 9 (from a craft perspective obviously, not because Sian is old enough to have been knitting during the war …).  I was also going to make a start on the crossword, but then I realised I didn’t have a pen.  Ah, well.
Back to the chores – washing to hang out while the sun is trying to make an appearance and an enjoyable hour or two sorting through DH’s wardrobe and drawers.  I think the charity shops (good will) are in for a treat! 

8 thoughts on “An Adventure Just For Mummy

  1. Glad you've had some time to yourself…and you've just reminded me that I put a washing in about three hours ago!…guess what I'm off to do?
    Alison xx


  2. I do think that days like this do us good from time to time. Hope the boys enjoyed their adventure and that you enjoyed the rest of your day 🙂 xx


  3. Every single one of us needs a day like that now and again and the fact you got it all for free – what a bonus! I'm sure the boys all had a good time too.


  4. LOL! As it's the end of the holidays here, this mummy is starting to feel that an adventure just for her would be just the thing!

    I love the sound of that article and if I tell TSO that there is such a thing as a WW2 re enactment magazine, she'll want a sub! She fantasizes about being evacuated..


  5. You have a talented brother, Ruth. Loved the retro photos. It's good to do something for yourself when opportunity takes, especially when it is for free 🙂
    Hope the boys enjoyed their day together.


  6. So DH goes off to play with trains and you are rummaging in his drawers? That did make me smile. I put washing out and then the heavens dumped about a hundred tons of water on it! It was so heavy the chickens went to bed!


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