The Big Screen

DS had his first ever cinematic experience this lunch time and I had my first as a parent.

~ there’s no way to make a cinema in the rain look photogenic ~
We took a picnic lunch …
… but still spent a fortune. 
What we spent:
Bus fare: £2.60 return.
Tickets: £17.35 ~ that’s £9.15 for me, £6.70 for DS and £1.50 booking fee.
Chocolate buttons: £2.90!!!  Absolutely daylight robbery!  When the guy behind the till asked if that was all, I told him I couldn’t afford anything else!
Total: £22.85
In case you were wondering, we saw The Smurfs. 

7 thoughts on “The Big Screen

  1. Was it good – D wants to go next week – she saw Cars II today and enjoyed that. By the way she's 14 not really sure she is going to see the right films :0)


  2. Mine have only been twice – it's expensive here too! How did he find the experience? The younger one gets quite fidgety over here, the older one thinks it is fantastic!


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