Shimelle’s Half Page Challenge

During last weekend’s online crop at Shimelle‘s place, another challenge set by Shimelle was to do a half page LO.

Another LO using the lovely photo of my nephew.  I added a small amount of journaling after I’d taken the photo ~ I know my nephew would be embarrassed if I blogged anything too personal about him.  This page is destined for his album, which I may or may not give to him when he is 21.

5 thoughts on “Shimelle’s Half Page Challenge

  1. This is lovely – I really like the way you've anchored the photo with the strip on the right and the stars left – and the 'white' space just emphasises it all!


  2. Great page, Ruth! The large area of “white” space, really does set off the colourful section below and it all makes that lovely photo stand out wonderfully well.
    Nice about waiting to add the journalling – it's a tricky stage in someone's life and easy to be embarrassed (as we are beginning to find out/ remember with DS!).


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