WITL: Tuesday’s Pages

Setting the scene: travelling just over 400 miles from my mum’s house to my sister‘s house.  We will be house and dog sitting for my sister and her family.
Cast of characters: me, DH, DS, Mum/Granny, the pooch and the Black Lab.
Number of photos taken: 27 (there are, after all, only so many photos you can take through a car window).

No extra insert of photos today. The only day without, as it turned out.  Check out the fantastic weather ~ who says it always rains in Scotland?

3 thoughts on “WITL: Tuesday’s Pages

  1. Yes, but what was the temperature?

    Our balmy winter weather has averaged 22C this week …. not good signs for this summer I have to say!


  2. I have played along with this project too – although not actually done anything with the photos – yet! I am quite glad we haven't had the temperatures they have had down south – I think sunshine and showers best describes our weather up here this past week.


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