A {Not So Private} Nightmare

Of all the things about motherhood that fill me with horror and is enough to make me publicly disown my child, it is the occasion when he chooses to have a tantrum when we are out.
Like the tantrum he had because he didn’t want to have a make-sure-wee before leaving the coffee shop.

The coffee shop we’d gone to on the spur of the moment.  Because I wanted to treat him.  Because the sun was shining.  Because the rain had stopped.  Because we could.  Because Wimbledon is on the BBC every afternoon for the next 10 days.
Sticking to the usual collection-from-nursery routine now appears to have been the safer option …
What’s your not-so-private nightmare?

7 thoughts on “A {Not So Private} Nightmare

  1. It is awful when they throw a treat back in your face. I took Gracia to the cinema a couple of weeks ago as we hadn't done anything together for ages. As soon as the film had ended she said “Can we go home now as I don't want to waste any more time when I could be studying”. I could have cried because to me it was a lovely afternoon out together not a waste of time. I am sure she didn't mean to be hurtful but was just anxious to get back to her books.

    I don't think our children really mean to disappoint because we have not brought them up that way it is just that sometimes they forget that there is more than just them in the world. A 4 year old can be forgiven for this but at 18?


  2. Oh yes…children and mothers…a crazy combination sometimes isn't it? I'm with Karen when it comes to daughters and them being rushed to get somewhere else (sorry to Carrie if she reads this!). On the flip side, I'm sure there are times when I have disappointed my mom too.


  3. Oh, hun – you know how much I can relate to this! I've had to deal with a full-on-screaming-and-kicking The Tomboy on a fair few occasions 😦 And it hurts that little bit more when you've been trying to do something nice and special! Just remember that anyone around who's judging you is an idiot who doesn't know any better, and there are plenty of people around who would feel very sympathetic and not judgmental at all xx


  4. I always feel so sorry for mums when I see them trying to cope with public tantrums…I remember only too well the disdainful looks of passers-by!
    Alison xx


  5. Some time I'll tell you about a very similar incident in a coffee shop here. It ended up with one of the waitresses wondering why the floor was wet..


  6. It always does seem to happen when you've had an extra exciting treat – sometimes I feel life would be easier if we never did anything nice as a bit of overtiredness always backfires It sometimes helps to remember that the tamtrum usually doesn't spoil the day for them – to them it's 2 separate things, but it always makes me feel disappointed.
    My mughtmare, though, is totally different – gettig lost and being late for somethng important – I absolutely hate the panicky feeing of nt knowing where I am. God bless satnavs!


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