4×6 Photo Love: Five

This month, the idea is to use five photos and create a two page spread ~ a double layout.

I chose photos from my recent weekend away (and the DLO will go into our 2011 album).  I really like the overall look of this, and can see that it will be a design I will return to time and time again.

If you’re wondering why Sian isn’t featured, it’s because she has her own page here.

The journaling reads: Who knew that I would fall in love with the city of X?  I certainly didn’t.  The weekend I spent there with Auntie was amazing.  I found a city full of wonderful people ~ welcoming and full of laughter.  It’s also the city where I was able to meet Sian and her family ~ something that I never expected to come about.  And it was in this city that I found my roots.  The city of Grandad’s birth, the city where his mother died when he was still a boy.  The city where she and Grandad’s brother are buried in an unmarked grave.  The house where Grandad was born.  The house where he lived at the time of the 1911 Census.  The house where mum and Auntie holidayed in the 1950s.
~ Move over North East Scotland, you’ve got competition ~

The last line refers to my long held desire to live in NE Scotland.  Now?  I could be persuaded to live in my Grandad’s city.

7 thoughts on “4×6 Photo Love: Five

  1. I think you have made a great page Ruth, I am always amazed at how I feel when I return to my hometown – it really is the place of my heart!


  2. Hurrah! It made me smile to read your journaling and find out how very much you loved it. If I thought I had a chance of persuading you to move, I'd start right now…


  3. This is lovely! I particularly like the shaped block at the top left which adds some variety and I might just have to “borrow” that so I can do another one of these layouts 😉


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