The Simple Things

I am so very glad that DS is of an age where he finds great enjoyment from the simple things that life offers him.  This morning, Granny and I took him on a bus which went through a reasonably long tunnel under a river and he was beside himself with excitement.  Once at our destination, we headed to Starbucks for a Babycino, “with a smiley face, please” and a blueberry muffin, split 3 ways.

Just look at the joy on his face.  I don’t mind admitting that I can feel my heart squeeze when I look at this photo.
This is why I carry my camera everywhere.
This is why I scrapbook.

12 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. Oh I do love little kids! Their joy just shines out of their whole little bodies!
    He is a lovely boy and so sweet. I love to see that photo of his gorgeous smile. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your DS with us!
    My DS still makes me happy, with his smiles, laughs and jokes. Boys keep their humour and fun as they grow up, you know. It just changes a bit – they don't enthuse so much about tunnels, buses or smiley-faced-drinks but they find other things to get excited about (like fun roundabouts that Dad can swing you round on, or huge swings you can share with your little cousin, or the hilarious thing a cartoon character said in the latest Kung-Foo Panda film…). Luckily, I do keep my camera with me at least some of the time – and luckily I now know about Scrapbooking, so I can capture some of these things!

    That's definitely a picture to scrap about – along with the story behind it!


  2. Now this is a post 'with a smiley face'! It certainly made me smile 🙂 Gosh, a bus that went through a tunnel? No wonder he was excited, that sounds pretty darn good to me! 😉


  3. I love how the little ones show pure joy about so many small things- it is a reminder to me to enjoy those moments – we get so caught up in adult stuff sometimes that it is easy to forget that our lives are good and worth smiling about!


  4. Long may it continue!

    And do you know? I think it will because he is lucky enough to have a mum who has taken the time to show him about simple pleasures


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