Terrific Tuesday

I am being spoilt of late with wonderful things happening in my life.  May has been an exceptionally good for my One Little Word.  This morning, I caught up with this lady again.  I am very pleased to know that she lives near my mum.

 ~ Photo credit: The TomBoy ~
I gave Mel a bunch of Lisianthus, one of my favourites.  Feel free to point out if I’ve misspelled the name.
Mel gave me the most wonderful birthday present.  You know, just a wee something that she’d thrown together.  The hearts are all cut from maps showing my beloved NE Scotland.
And as it that wasn’t enough, this afternoon saw DS discovering the delights of Uncle B’s allotment.
A perfect place for a 4-year-old.

13 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

  1. Yay! Looks like he had as good a time as you thought he would 🙂

    It was so, so good to meet up with you this morning, I had such a lovely time! Thanks for my beautiful flowers, and I'm so glad you like your birthday present xx


  2. What a nice way to spend your day! Love the flowers for Mel (I love lisianthus too); her present for you is gorgeous – she's so good at that kind of thing!
    Your DS looks very happy, pottering about (“pottering” in every sense, eh?).
    I hope you enjoy Wednesday as much. If you were closer to Bedford, I'd invite you to my Birthday Treat tomorrow, at the local garden centre coffee shop!
    I'm sure you'd enjoy their yummy cake!


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