Yours truly has celebrated her birthday today.  And it was just about perfect.

~ I was with a lot of my family ~
~ The chocolate cake was popular ~
~ Auntie loved her minibook ~
~ Unexpected, but very welcome, text from Mel ~

21 thoughts on “43

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Ruth! Sorry, I had a bad head yesterday and wasn't reading blogs or I would have been here a lot sooner!

    I'm glad you had a great family day (and cake)x


  2. Ooh, Happy Birthday Ruth! (belatedly)
    Hope you had some nice pressies; it's great to have a day with family – and chocolate cake is always a bonus!
    We celebrated my birthday yesterday, a few days early, as DH will be working til late on Wednesday.
    We had a family picnic on Saturday and a lazy day at home yesterday, followed by yummy food at Frankie and Benny's.
    Hope you're enjoying the extra day off today – and half term week (does your little chap have a half term yet?).
    Nice to get a text from Mel – it's great that we are all making friends round the world and they remember to keep in touch.
    Happy Birthday – and many more!


  3. So glad you had a lovely day! And oh, it really made me smile to unexpectedly see my text on this post 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow very much indeed! xx


  4. Oh, Ruth, I have completely missed your birthday!!! So sorry to be late with the birthday wishes, but it looks like you had a lovely time and for that I am glad.

    Here's wishing you a fantastic year ahead! xo


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