Five In Five: The Layout

You knew I would, didn’t you?  You know that I wouldn’t be able to resist scrapping the results of Amy’s challenge.  How well you know me.

I should just point out that the cardstock is a sheet of Kraft, not the slime green it appears in the photo.   I also added the photo of me in order to create balance.

9 thoughts on “Five In Five: The Layout

  1. Love this Ruth. I am sure you would never use 'slime green' cardstock for a layout!

    If this is saved you are one of the few that Blogger will let me comment on at the moment 😦


  2. I love that it translates so well to move from the blog to a layout – this is the reason why I started blogging in the first place! Great layout ruth – you are taking the worl by storm with your 'in the moment' pages – I am super impressed!


  3. Rushing never pays does it? Obvioulsy I know your name starts with a capital letter and when I was in about Grade Two I learnt that world was spelt with a 'd' on the end!


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