Shimelle’s Sketch Of The Week

As you probably know, Shimelle hosts a sketch of the week type challenge every Wednesday.  Although, to be honest, this is the first time this year I’ve taken up her challenge.

I chose to scrap the photos of when Auntie and I met Sian and her family last weekend ~ no surprise there, then.

I came across the Irish (Gaelic?) phrase when I was reading this week about the Queen’s visit to Ireland and thought it suited the LO perfectly.

You can see the translation there, above the head of The Tall One.  I should think that there are lots of girls at his school who’d think that together is best if it involved him!

The punched photo circles are from various places around Sian’s city.  Clear enough to add interest, but not too clear to be immediately identifiable.

11 thoughts on “Shimelle’s Sketch Of The Week

  1. Oh well done Ruth, I've had a go too – with varying results I must say! And, do I notice that you have 'scrapped in the moment' again? 🙂


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