Over the weekend, Shimelle set a number of scrapping challenges to mark Scrapbook Day.  Challenge #1 was to use patterned paper as your background and challenge #3 was to use a border between two photos.

I put the two challenges together and came up with the LO you can see above.  And I’m pretty pleased with the end result.
There’s still time to join in the fun, as Shimelle’s challenges are running until the 15th.  Why not hop across to her blog and have a looksee?

8 thoughts on “EGGhausting

  1. That's a sweet page (in every sense!). I do love the photo of your little lad, fast asleep – he looks very peaceful and comfy!
    We had egg hunts here too – my DS is a big lad now, but it's a sort-of family tradition, so although Easter Bunny is no longer a visitor here, we made him an egg-hunt round the house, with tricky clues to solve (starting with one in the cereal bowls in the cupboard!)
    My niece made a short video of her little one (2&1/2) searching for “yeggs”. She had a basket and was so excited that she kept jumping up and down, shouting “there he is!”. When I went to pick them up for our Easter Sunday lunch, I had the whole story of the “Yegg hunt Auntie!” and was told where she had found each and every egg. It didn't seem so long ago that our own little person was doing just the same – they grow so fast; it's lovely that you have scrapped this year's hunt and will have a memory to look back on, in solid form!
    A great page, love the choice of paper and ric-rac border.


  2. Lovely page. i ove the non-traditional colours for Easter. So peaceful. I tried to do Shimelle's challenges at my crop on Sunday, but I got distracted and forgot what iwas doing so my LOs don't fit the challenge at all


  3. love your punny title and I do love shots of little people sleeping! They really can fall asleep anywhere I must scrap some of DS and the strange places he has slept (on his wooden bedroom floor because his bed was uncomfortable was a recent one!!)


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