A Magical Day

Some 2 billion people around the world shared with the British people this morning the magic that was the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

 (source: AFP)
Truly a wonderful, romantic and emotional occasion.  We chose to celebrate by having tea and cake at home.  DS was more than a little baffled as to why the TV was on so early in the morning and that there was cake at 10.30am!
I thought our new teapot and mugs were entirely appropriate, don’t you? 
Our family is a great supporter of the Monarchy and all that they do for Brand UK.  We are a family who have all sworn allegiance to Her Majesty and are proud of the service we have given to our country.
I realise that not everyone thinks or believes as we do, but that’s what democracy is all about.  The right to disagree, without fear or prejudice.  And as for the wider Commonwealth, I think that each country must decide their own future and that that is a discussion for another day.  Although I did smile when I saw the staunchly Republican Prime Minister of a Commonwealth country arrive at the Abbey this morning …

11 thoughts on “A Magical Day

  1. I love the Royal family and think it is such a special institution. I laughed because here in South Africa, some of the very same people who complain about colonialism were asking why we weren't given a public holiday so everyone can watch! I love your teapot btw.


  2. I must admit to not being much of a Royalist tho did succumb to watching some of the wedding I have gone away today so missed some whilst travelling. I am quite pro the UK and my country even though I don't always support the Royals. I adore your mugs and teapot where are they from??


  3. I was up with the tv on early – loved it all and it made me very happy to see something cheerful for once instead of all the miserable news nowadays.


  4. I too watched the wedding as a staunch Royalist. I made my promise as a Girl Guide to serve the Queen and all my children were/are Scouts and Guides and both my boys served in the army so Service to the crown is something we are proud of. I spent my day alone because Mr M was working but I still sang the hymns and said the prayers and it was lovely that Archbishop Rowan did the wedding as he was Bishop of our area and then Archbishop of Wales before he was given the See of Canterbury.


  5. Ahhh, yes, so did her consituents! It has raised considerable comment but of course she should have been there.

    Despite one little thing that irked me earlier in the week, which was not about being a monarchy or a republic, we thoroughly enjoyed the wedding, the whole thing was just beautiful. Even one of our macho builders this morning was asking what we thought and offering his opinion. We eventually may make a few political and constitutional changes – but I doubt that will ever change the respect Australians feel for the monarchy.


  6. I s agree, and I am feeling tremendously positive about the future of the monarchy with Wiliam and Kate. They got it all absolutely right yesterday. It wasn't a performance – it was a genuine wedding for love, to which the British public were invited. Lovely day. I'll publish my pics from our party a bit later


  7. I didn't get up to watch it (it would have been 4am my time) but I did enjoy watching the edited recap on BBC America later in the day.
    It was so nice to see something happy & positive on the news after weeks of disaster & death


  8. Ruth, I think you know how I feel about England, and while I'm not British, I can understand how proud you must be to have served the monarchy. I am a huge fan. And that wedding was perfection.


    Sheila (who is battling what appears to be a pinched nerve but had to check in with you on this)


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