And There They Were, Gone

Before going away last week, the flowers on a bush in our garden looked like this …

Today that bush looks like this …

This is what we missed (scrapped by me in 2009 as part of Shimelle’s Scrap Like You Mean It year-long project) …

That’s Nature for you; she waits for no-one.

9 thoughts on “And There They Were, Gone

  1. Yet more proof that we should grab each opportunity when it arises and not assume we will get a 2nd chance! Lovely flowers though, nature really ought to let us admire them for a bit longer.


  2. Peonies can be like that. When my peony flowers the weather waits until the blooms are almost at their peak and then it pours with rain. Usually so heavy it beats all the petals off the flowers in half an hour. ~sigh~


  3. I know what you mean. I made an effort to see the bluebells yesterday as I realised they too will soon be over.
    Your flowers looked stunning by the way! Shame you missed them 😦


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