Not Many Words Required

These photos tell the story by themselves.  However, I do need to add that this wonderful parcel came from Deb in Arizona and her act of kindness quite overwhelmed me.  Just the other day, she had posted about the pile of old books she had been given and was wondering what she should do with them.  I cheekily said that DS would be glad to take The Billy Goats Gruff off her hands, but Deb was already one step ahead of me.  She had already mailed off five books about trains to DS, just because she knew he’d love them.
A JBP of the best kind.
Thank you, Deb.
I want to add more, but words fail me.

16 thoughts on “Not Many Words Required

  1. So glad that you both love them! As soon as my mom pulled the train books out of the box, she said, “Oooh…I am going to send these to Ruth because her son loves trains!” and started putting them aside. I know they went to a good home! 🙂


  2. :o) Words fail me too right now, my friend. I'm so glad these books will be loved some more and I'm happy that they have landed in your son's loving hands. The photos are adorable!!!

    You're so very welcome, Ruth!!! ♥


  3. Deb is definitely the best and she knows just the right things to send 🙂 I'm sure DS will get lots of use out of these books 🙂 🙂 xx


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