Census 2011

Have you made a start on your Census form yet?  I plan on filing ours on line, but am also filling in the paper copy and will be filing that with my family history stuff ~ my descendants will thank me for it in the years to come.
Why not do the same?

9 thoughts on “Census 2011

  1. I've done mine online too but I agree, good idea to keep a paper copy too!
    Not sure when to press the button though as we have both kids at home this weekend and you can never be sure if random friends are likely to come back with them and stay over!


  2. That's a really good idea! We've already done ours online but I hadn't thought of keeping the form for future generations. Thanks for suggesting it 🙂 xx


  3. Great thinking! I've filled in the form because I'm an oddity and I actually like filling in forms, but yes, I shall do it online now so I can keep and file away the paper copy, thank you xx


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