Celebrating The Every Day

My life runs on a similar schedule pretty much every day, and I sometimes feel that it doesn’t make for exciting blogging.  But then I remind myself that the very name of this blog flags up the possibility of routine and, dare I say it, monotony.
So, with a nod to today’s prompt from Blogging For Scrapbooking, I am celebrating the every day …

 1) Story time with Grandad; always a delight.
2) Remembering that what is mundane to me is extraordinary to DS.

15 thoughts on “Celebrating The Every Day

  1. Ruth, Two extraordinary blessings…having a grandparent part of the Every day and seeing the world through a child's eyes. loving your Everyday life 😉


  2. I love your blog precisely because of your gift for celebrating the little things. I think if more mums had the guts to come right out like you and say “today was another day like yesterday, but at least the sun came out” it would be wonderful.


  3. Fabulous photo – and isn't the everyday the very fabric of our lives? It should be celebrated and remembered – and it seems to me you are making a really great job of it!


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