Yesterday & Today: Week 10

This week was all about everything I have learned.  Ali had suggested journaling on an A4 sheet and then printing without any margins.  My printer was having none of that, so I’ve adapted my DLO in order to get the look I wanted.

Do you like my Chinese dolly?  She used to have a baby in a sling on her back, but someone stole that when I foolishly left her in my school desk overnight many years ago.
It took me a while to compile a list of things I have learned over the years, but once I got into it, I was away.  A few things I have learned:  I have learned to stand up and be counted.  I have learned that it’s pretty terrific to have a sister.  I have learned that I’m neither an early bird nor a night owl, I’m somewhere in between.

9 thoughts on “Yesterday & Today: Week 10

  1. That looks cool, Ruth! I love the list of things all printed out in a big pageful. It does work well. So is that a double page (is DLO shorthand for double lay-out??) with the journalling on one side and the photo etc on the other? Or is the journalling on the back? Double page I think! It looks very good.
    I do like the little doll – shame about her baby. Another lesson you learned – don't leave things in your desk overnight!


  2. It is pretty terrific having a sister – must admit I do feel a little sad sometimes that TSO has only got me (tho she kindly says that my sister is enough for both of us)

    I love your doll, she's a real treasure


  3. What lovely pages, I would love to know what all the journalling says but my eyesight isn't that good!
    The little doll is so lovely, even without her little baby and sling.


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