Project Life

I think that it has been clear that I have been looking for a year-long project to replace last year’s 365:2010.  I am throughly enjoying Yesterday & Today at BPC, but that class ends at the end of the month (although I will continue to add stories and memories to it).  Likewise, One Little Word is also enjoyable, but … it’s not enough.
Cue a peek into my Stash Fund jar (I save up £2 coins in an attempt to end the guilt I feel when buying stash.  You know, because I’ve saved up …) and, to my joy, it was looking fairly healthy.  So I’ve spent it on this …

~ Project Life from Becky Higgins ~
Trouble is, I’ve had to order it from Canada, as there doesn’t seem to be a UK distributor and won’t ship outside of the US.  I emailed Becky asking if she has any plans to venture into the UK market, so you never know.  I know that Denise ordered this from the same site I used (thanks for the link, Denise) and hers arrived safely, eventually, so I shall have to be patient.  If I’m really lucky, it might arrive in time for an April start.

7 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. A stash fund jar is a great idea Ruth – I'll be really interested in what you think of the kit, it seems crazy that it is not distributed in the UK! I like the kit you chose – I'd go for that one. 🙂


  2. Oh wonderful! I can just see you doing this 🙂 I was really tempted by it but I'm just hoping and hoping that it'll start being sold in the UK – maybe next year?


  3. love your stash fund jar, I'm collecting coins in a jar just because, but now I can give it a name!

    I'm surprised about your info about amazon, I know many people in Australia who purchased project life through them, and I regularly-ish buy books…


  4. I've been eyeing the Project Life kits for a while but it's the cost of shipping that puts me off. I'd be interested in knowing the link you got yours from – somehow the kit makes it seem more do-able. xx


  5. Woo hoo – I'm really glad you went for it.Mine took about 8 weeks in the end.(the quick postal option was a ridiculous cost!)
    It's nice to have a year long project and nice to document the more mundane ( well-mine are !) parts of life to look back on x


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