Storytelling Sunday

It’s the first Sunday of the month, so that means Sian is hosting Storytelling Sunday.

The story from this house today is told by a Guest Blogger ~ please put your hands together for … the young master of the house.
Once upon a time, a long time ago when I was very small, Mummy spent a lot of time and energy trying to teach me my Ps&Qs.  One afternoon, after lunch, I wanted to read a story (well, I liked to pretend that I couldn’t read back then, in order to cuddle up with Mummy and listen to the sound of her dulcet tones).  I remember that I chose a Winnie The Witch story and tapped it on Mummy’s leg in order to get her full attention (I think she was trying to finish her lunch or some such other trivial thing).

“Would you like me to read that to you?” she asked, rather stating the obvious I thought, but I kept quiet.
“Story,” I nodded and tapped her leg again.
“Well, what do you say to Mummy?”
I looked at Mummy, rather blankly it has to be said.  What does she mean?
Mummy tried a different tack, “What’s the magic word, {my name}?”
I beamed at Mummy and proudly announced, “Abracadabra!” 
Even now, I still don’t why Mummy laughed like a drain, but she said it would make a good tale for Sian’s Storytelling Sunday.

14 thoughts on “Storytelling Sunday

  1. A lovely story….and I recently heard one from the opposite angle….a small child dressed as a witch at a party….waving her magic wand….when asked what the magic word was….said “please”


  2. LOL – super cute story (and Jacky's alternate too) – the standard retort in this house when asked “What do you say?” in response to a curt request is “Make it snappy!” 😛


  3. lol! And she was right 🙂 The Girl is planning out her own guest post, by the way – she hasn't forgotten, and she's keen to do it! xx


  4. Brilliant! And now you have it recorded for him for the future – it would make a lovely layout, if you haven't already gone there 🙂

    Thank you for telling such a cute story this Sunday Ruth!


  5. I love this! thanks for reminding me of something x
    An added bonus of Sians Story telling Sunday is the memory of something long forgotten. x


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