When Virtual Becomes Reality

This morning was, oh, so exciting!  I was practically squealing with delight and having to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!  And why was this, you ask?
Because today I met this wonderful lady in the flesh …

Yes, I met Mel of I Speak Melsh and she was just as lovely as I knew she would be.  How lucky I am that it transpires that she doesn’t live that far away from where my mum lives.  We talked scrapping, parenting and families to name just three subjects and drank skinny Fairtrade gingerbread lattes, of which I am now a convert (much less sweet that the ones offered by Starbucks). She had her The Children with her and it’s no lie when I say that they were delightful.  (If my DS turns out as well as those two, I will be content.)  The Girl acted as photographer, that’s her shot above … can you see the book with animal cupcakes on, to my left?  The Girl was adamant it should be in the shot.  So it is, but here’s a cropped version of Mel and me.

 And here is Mel with her The Girl.

And last, but not least, here is Mel’s The Boy.  The Boy was totally unfazed that he had to spend 2 hours with a woman he didn’t know and then watch her and his mum get their cameras out in the middle of a bookshop.  He’s a dude.

Mel gave me a gift ~ the gorgeous Card Organiser you can see below.  I’ll photograph the inside pages in the daylight tomorrow.  Thank you, Mel.  I love it!

I had planned on giving Mel something that I’d made myself, but time got away from me.  I’m afraid she had to make do with a bunch of flowers (and I forgot to photograph them, so this image is from Mel.)

An absolutely perfect morning.  Thank you, Mel and The Children.  And a big thank you to my mum ~ she took DS off on an adventure and I don’t think I was missed at all.
Who can I meet next ….?

15 thoughts on “When Virtual Becomes Reality

  1. Aww Ruth…. Thanks for this lovely post 🙂 I'll make sure The Children see it, too. I'm so glad you like your gift, and my flowers have pride of place in the dining room! Really looking forward to our next opportunity to meet up xx

    PS My thanks to your mum too, for making this possible!


  2. Well, I can gladly remember this clearly and I loved the experience! I am glad you included the picture of me; because it showed the cookery book up close!! The trip is one of the things that you will remember much later on, and I hope the memory will stick around!

    From the girl(hoping to be the tomboy)


  3. I HATE PHOTOS OF ME! But I did enjoy meeting Ruth, and reading a book called NERDS (an unfortunate acronym.) I also have the sequel. I hope we meet again.
    AKA The Boy grr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS The New Hamster says:


  4. Now I know whose front door it was in the photo!
    I am so glad you both got on well -of course you did though! The Children do look lovely and The Boy has a great taste in books – we have just finished that one and it's definitely to be recommended! The Girl's taste in cook-books is cool and Mel… well she's just great!
    And Ruth is lovely… so it was bound to be a success! Where did your mother take your little chap? I hope it was a good adventure.
    Here's to Meeting up with Blog Friends!
    I live in Bedfordshire… it's not so far from London (50 miles). Maybe we should have a picnic day in Hyde Park, or something nice!


  5. Now if you ever take Lizzie up on the idea of a meet up in Hyde Park – let me know! I'm only 45 mins on the train from London in Hertfordshire!
    Love the fact you and Mel met up, blogland is an amazing place to meet new friends!


  6. Hey I guessed correctly who the front door belonged to… I am very impressed with myself! I would happily meet up with you if you are ever in Surrey! In fact I am happy to meet up with you wherever whenever!!! xxx


  7. Aren't those kids just lovely? Such a credit to her! I love the fact that you met up in a bookshop – what an all-round fantastic morning that must have been. And of course I have a suggestion for who could meet next..


  8. I'm so far behind in my blog reading, and I just saw this and am SO happy for you and Mel, Ruth. :o) It warms my heart to see two of my favorite blog friends together in one place. How lovely for both of you!!! :o)!!!!! xo


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