Friday Mish-Mash

There was some of this …

~ Can’t beat a cuppa in a china mug ~
There was some arty-farty photography …
~ Squashed blueberry ~
There were 12 of these …
~ Summer fruit muffins with coconut streusel ~

There was no time for this …

~ Newspaper yet to be opened ~
There is always time for this …
~ Story time ~
 How was your day?

9 thoughts on “Friday Mish-Mash

  1. Love your photos from today :). Mine has included breakfast out with a good friend, some editing and blog reading and tonight I'll be going out for dinner with Jon when he gets back from Milton Keynes :). Have a lovely weekend Ruth. xx


  2. First of all, what a handsome haircut on that young man!
    Looks like you had a busy day and I'm sure you will get to open that newspaper sometime before tomorrow.
    First day of half term for me today so a full day of freedom – yay! Lunch out with a friend, some shopping, some sewing and some serious tidying up of scrapbook papers (where did they all come from???)


  3. My ex husband died this week so I have been looking after my DGD while my DD sort everything out. A five year old can ask a lot of penetrating questions about death and sometimes grandma is the only one. I should have picked up the camera but forgot in the intensity of the moment


  4. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    What a beautiful share behind these red doors. Love the doors.

    What fun you and DS had. It looked like so much fun. What a delightful snack, muffins and tea or cocoa. Oh and blueberries as well.

    Oh thank you so much for sharing your beautiful moment today with DS. It was so wonderful and heartwarming. Thank you sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry


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