This afternoon, I took DS for a haircut.

And for the first time, he was able to sit in the chair by himself ~ progress, indeed.  Now, I’m sure some of you might be thinking, “So what?  My child has been able to do that since he/she was XX age.”  And that’s lovely.  For DS, however, today was a huge milestone and a celebration was called for.  Cue a visit to Starbucks for a Babycino and then catching the bus home.
A good day.

10 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Ah, haircuts! If you have had trouble with your DS sitting for his haircut, be comforted – you are definitely not alone! My nephew screamed blue murder until he was quite big; my DS was so bad that my friend came to our house to cut it for me – he would let her cut it, but sat and sobbed the whole time. If I took him to the hairdresser/barber, he screamed the place down. When we moved, I bought a set of clippers and learned how to use them. I'm now quite proficient with these, so DH lets me cut his hair too – which saves some money at any rate.
    DS is now 13. I daresay he would sit and behave at the barber's and I should think we'll try it some time – summer holidays perhaps – but at least he will sit and have it cut at home!
    So, you are not alone and your little boy is doing very well indeed!
    (and of course, the children who sit nicely for haircuts may well have other pet hates, which cause just as much stress to their poor beleaguered parents!)


  2. Congratulations. Milestones are different for each child. I've never had hirdresser stress, but eating – wow! I was impressed R ate a whole McDonalds cheeseburger yesterday – that was a breakthrough for him!


  3. Yay for DS!! He doesn't look too fazed to be sitting in the chair by himself and I love the look on his face. Positive milestones are always good! And any excuse for a visit to Starbucks is good! xx


  4. We know what that's like! Taking TTO to the hairdressers used to be a big operation. Of course, now he prides himself on his mad hair lol. That's a very cute photo.


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