Yesterday & Today: Week 7

The suggestion from Ali this week was to consider the then & now stories.  LOs that detail information from yesterday and today, stories based on both facts and feelings (similar to week 4).
Making the most of a Solo Sunday, I was able to finish off two LOs that I’d made a start on on Friday.
First up is a then & now LO.  In my mind, it began as listing the differences between being a mother in the late 1960s and being a mother in the late Noughties.  The LO finished up mostly being about my mum.

It’s actually nothing like the one Ali used as her example this week, but I can live with that.  I apologise for the shocking light, but it’s the best I can do at this time of the day.
Second up is a LO about just how alike we ~ me, my sister, son and nephew ~ are.  Just look at that likeness!  I’m top left, with DS top right.  My sister is bottom left, with my nephew bottom right.  The photos of our boys are 10 years apart, but it really is quite spooky just how like each other they were as newborns.

The journaling reads: Who knew that the {maiden name} genes were so strong?  Me (Ruth) in 1968 and {DS} in 2007; {sister} in 1966 and {nephew} in 1997.  Peas in a pod.  The invisible threads that binds a family to each other throughout the generations.

6 thoughts on “Yesterday & Today: Week 7

  1. I connected with relatives in Australia, through family hisotry research and my cousin sent me a photograph of her grandfather, my great grandmother's brother. I then sent her a photo of my youngest son at the same age and the only difference is the size of the moustache. In 1902 the moustache was bigger. Even down to the way they stand – and as for cousin Leroy in America and my grandson, well!


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