Wit or Wisdom: #4

I don’t know what chalkboard board guy is referencing here, but I photographed it because it reminded me of a conversation I once had with my cousin, L.
Timeline: 1992, on holiday in Madeira.  We are the youngest guests in our hotel by about 25 years.  We get asked out by 2 waiters and, after checking with our Rep that we’ll be okay (“They’ll treat you like their Mamas“), we go.  And have a good time.
As we are getting ready for bed, my cousin says, “Oh, I forget to tell you … waiter A said that he loves me.  But I knew he was lying.”
“How did you know?” asks me, once I’ve stopped laughing hysterically.
“His lips were moving.”

7 thoughts on “Wit or Wisdom: #4

  1. Love the story about the waiters – so funny (and of course, it's probably very true!)

    Matthew's Gospel, Ch5 is about the Sermon on the Mount. That bit is a speech all about how to find happiness. V.11 talks about people telling lies about you because of your faith; interestingly, V12 is a continuation of that theme, but refers to the people who lied about the Prophets.
    So if it is a quote from Matthew, it's a bit odd… hummm maybe we're meant to think laterally… or maybe he's just got a bit of a huff with someone and that's his way of expressing it. The only way to know is to go ask him!!

    Still it made you remember a great story and gave us all a laugh (and laughter is definitely one of the ways to find happiness)!


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