I like gadgets as much as the next person, as long as they are easy to use.  My newest acquisition is a 35mm negative reader and, oh my goodness, it is so easy to use!

It’s connects to my PC via a USB cable and that’s it.  From 35mm negative to .jpeg image on your PC in a matter of moments.  You might just be able to make out the New York City skyline (the twin towers clearly visible) on the screen, which I took in 1995.  That box of negatives that came from my mum’s house last year might just turn into a plentiful supply of photos for scrapping.  Taking part in Ali Edwards’ Yesterday & Today class has got me thinking about the past … a lot … these last few weeks.

8 thoughts on “Gadgets

  1. I was given a photo scanner (same idea – USB to computer) but haven't had a chance to use it yet. Looking forward to seeing how it works. I have lots of photos but not negatives. Amazing what you can do now and simple = very good in my books 🙂 xx


  2. That does sound easy – and also a great opportunity. The advantage of catching up your posts in reverse is that I've already seen that you've put this to good use xx


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