Yesterday & Today: Week 4

This week’s task was to consider something that had been a challenge.  It didn’t necessarily mean an actual physical challenge, more the idea of something that was difficult to deal with.  I sat for about half an hour, over a cup of tea, and made a list of things that I’ve found difficult over the years.  Within 10 minutes, my list had 5 things written down and all had scribbled notes and bullet points.  I’d never thought about putting these experiences into a scrapbook, but now that I have, I can’t think why I didn’t think of it before.  They all help to make me who and what I am, warts and all.
Top of the list, and the one I went with, was my brush with breast cancer.  Look away now if you’re likely to be offended by the sight of my cleavage …

The LHS tells the story of how I found a lump in my breast and what followed that discovery.  I still have my diary from 1999, so was able to easily look up the dates for the timetable of events.  

The RHS gives a brief description of what a fibroadenoma is and how it’s treated.  I just transcribed the details from the hospital’s information leaflet.

I’ve had that Junkitz patterned paper for a number of years.  You know, holding on to it for just the right moment and now that right moment is here.  (I was pleased to find that this website still has in in stock.)

10 thoughts on “Yesterday & Today: Week 4

  1. I usually don't scrap about things from the past – nothing deep or sinister – I just seem to have enough daily fodder to keep me going … today you have reminded me of a couple of stories which I really should document – thanks Ruth 🙂
    I am so glad such quick action was taken regarding your own health and that the fibroadenoma was removed successfully!


  2. I am glad you recovered quickly and the hospitol was on the case. I think it so important to document the good as well as the bad because as you say what happens is part of who we are and makes us that special individual that everyone loves x


  3. :o) Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit surprised to see cleavage on your blog, Ruth, but I have to say that I am very proud of you for posting this as I think you are very brave. I also think it's wonderful that you created a page about such a significant event in your life. Well done, my friend.


  4. Brave to remember and document this. Sometimes we just want to forget a scary experience – and you must have been scared, even though you only mentioned fear just once in your story.
    I remember a friend calling me – all the way from Germany – to tell me she had found a lump in her breast. She was so frightened and didn't know how to cope. It was also a “benign” lump – a cyst or something. She was ok, but I'm sure she wouldn't want to go through that again – nor you!
    I'm very glad it was nothing serious.
    That's a great layout – quite brave to put that particular photo on it, but a good way of getting your point across. I love that patterned paper – definitely the “right page” for it.


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