Solo Sundays

For the last couple of Sundays, DH has taken DS and the pooch off to the park and then gone onto the InLaws for a couple of hours.  Without fail, DH will ask, “Quiet day?” when they come home.
What?  Apart from tidying up, emptying the ironing basket, pooper-scooping in the garden, leaf sweeping, listening to the excellent progamming on BBC Radio 2, etc., etc.  In actuality, I did all of that list, and I also found time to make these:

Carrot Cake scones, as recommended by Robyn.  They took forever to make, the dough seemed too ‘wet’ and the icing too sweet, but, proof in the pudding, they taste okay.  And these:

Chicken Enchiladas with tomato salsa and Cheddar cheese. And, in the the spirit of honesty, I also found time to squeeze in a wee bit of this:

How was your Sunday?

6 thoughts on “Solo Sundays

  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday, even if it isn't quiet 🙂 Mine has consisted of church, preparation for Tuesday's papercrafts class, cooking, and unplumbing the old washing machine ready for the new one!!


  2. And there's the difference between men and women – a man with a free afternoon will read the paper, watch football on tv or listen to a cd. A woman will use her time to catch up on chores and do some baking! Those enchiladas look delicious!


  3. I don't seem to be getting any days to myself any more (I thought they would become more regular with older children, not less so!). I worked Sunday morning and then pottered around the house in the afternoon before making dinner. Even managed to fit in a bit of crocheting during the day 🙂 xx


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