Design Your Life:Week 2 ~ Sketch 1

I love the look of this finished LO.  And did you notice the resemblance between DS and his cousin?  The thing I learnt this week is that asymmetry looks great, but it’s a faff to work out the different photos sizes.  I mostly use metric measurements, but have been known to work in imperial if I’m working in whole or half inches.  I didn’t find it easy to convert Cathy’s measurements at all, but then maths was never my strongest subject… 

2 thoughts on “Design Your Life:Week 2 ~ Sketch 1

  1. What a lovely layout 🙂 I like the 3 hearts, drawing your eye around the page! And yes, I can see the resemblance….

    I usually work in imperial units for papercrafts, never really thought about before!


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