Design Your Life: Week 2 ~ Sketch 2

If you’ve just read the title and thought, “Hang on, I don’t remember looking at week two’s sketch one”, don’t worry.  It’s just the way I’ve done things this week.
Week two has been all about what Cathy calls going off kilter ~ after week one dealing with symmetry, week two looks at asymmetry.

Not equal yet balanced. One side is not visually equal to what I have on the other side ~ asymmetrical.
Note to self: don’t stamp on a tag after you’ve adhered it to the LO with a brad.  Stamp before adhering! 

6 thoughts on “Design Your Life: Week 2 ~ Sketch 2

  1. I think your layout looks fab, Ruth. I really love the detail of the thin strip of patterned paper along the left side.

    Happy weekend to you! xo

    PS: Sorry for the deleted comment and for calling you Sian in it. ~sigh~ Coffee hasn't kicked in yet…


  2. Definitely balanced – it's a lovely layout 🙂

    I've done the whole 'stick something onto the layout BEFORE stamping or embellishing it' thing, too!


  3. Well, you have done very well with this layout – I found this one to be the hardest one in the course – it never really clicked for me, but I don't make a lot of double pages anyway!


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