Design Your Life: Week 1

The design theme for week 1 is balance, and in particular, symmetry.  Sketch 1’s assignment was to use one large photo spanning the width of the page and four smaller photos, with two on each side of an imaginary axis equalling a classic, mirror-image design.

I also made a second LO, where I flipped the sketch onto its side.

How cool is this photo?  I cannot claim any credit whatsoever, except to say that it was sent to me by camera phone and I am amazed at the image’s quality.
As an aside to week 1, Cathy Zielske also talks about real world colour and suggests taking inspiration from the colours in your own world.  December saw a lot of red in my world, obviously, but I took my inspiration for this next LO from the scarf DS is wearing.

I hope to finish off week 1 later this week; self-paced classes are such a good idea.  Absolutely no pressure and inspiration available when required.

7 thoughts on “Design Your Life: Week 1

  1. You have reminded me how fabulous a page with a really big page can look – I'm about to start on my Yesterday and Today title page with a big photo and I think I fancy the idea of printing a few more. Great stuff!


  2. I love seeing these pages and how you have interpreted them Ruth – Cathy makes scrapping so very easy!

    Yesterday I was out and about and came across a chalk board – sorry to say I did not have my camera but I certainly did think of you!


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