2010: Blog Review

Seven hundred and twenty one blog posts in 2010 ~ a successful year of blogging, wouldn’t you say?  2011 has dawned and brings new challenges, new scrapping opportunities and new blog friends to add to the friendships made in 2010, hopefully.

{Self-portrait from 31 December 2009}

Successfully accomplished was the 365:2010 photographic project.  Scrapping projects I loved included Week In The Life (April), A-Z of Me: The Abridged Version (September-November), Washington, D.C. album for my mum (October-November) and December Daily (December, obviously).  Some online classes were not so successful, due to lack of time, but can be revisited: Love Your Photos, Love Your Pages and True Stories.  One project was a total disaster and abject failure, Scrap Weekly 2010: the host disappeared, challenges failed to appear and the whole thing ground to a halt.  (My 4 challenges did appear, and on time, so my conscience is clear.)  My absolute favourite LO of 2010 was this one.  The greatest fun was had with Blog Hops: Mel’s All About Me in May, Rinda’s House Party also in May and Amy’s Let’s Eat in October.

{Self-portrait from 31 December 2010}
Twenty eleven.  I’m ready.

8 thoughts on “2010: Blog Review

  1. Great review Ruth. And an honest one to admit something went terribly wrong in 2010! And no more lines that I can see on the portrait for this year 😉


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