December Daily ~ The 25th & Closing Page

The one which was magical.
And the album’s closing page ~ using a free download, found via Shimelle’s blog here.
A perfect Christmas project.  I loved every day of it … even the difficult days.

7 thoughts on “December Daily ~ The 25th & Closing Page

  1. Fantastic Ruth! I've loved seeing your project unfold … speaking of projects – there are only a few days left for 365 … what's on the agenda for 2011?


  2. Congratulations on completing your album, Ruth! I'm so impressed with your dedication to projects like this. I'd love to see a photo of the book you've put your pages into. xo


  3. It was fun to see your pages everyday. You did an awesome job, simple yet the added touches gave it a Merry feel to it. Great job keeping up on it. Hoping to have mine done tonight/tomorrow. Thank you for the link on the downloads.


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